The BEST Coffee Creamers...And What To Avoid!

If you like to put creamer in your cup of joe, I have some good news and bad news for you. The good news is there are some new options on the market that are Bobby Approved. The bad news is that the old bad stuff you find everywhere is worse than ever. Let’s talk about the best coffee creamers, as well as what you should avoid!

What To Avoid:

If you walked into most offices right now, how many would have a container of Coffee Mate? Probably 10 out of 10, right? People love it because it’s quick, it’s easy, and it's cheap, but this is the epitome of a bad product. The problem is almost all of them are like this.

Let’s take a look at the number one American coffee creamer to see what you’ll find:

The funny thing here is, the first ingredient is corn syrup solids. Yet, when you look at the nutritionals it says zero grams of added sugar. If corn syrup is the first ingredient, how could this have zero grams of added sugar?

Look at the serving size: it's three quarters of a teaspoon. This is a little trickery, because the USDA says if you have under a certain amount of sugar per serving, you can call it zero or sugar-free. But the first ingredient is corn syrup, how does that work? It’s hocus-pocus, and it’s not cool. So, that's strike number one.

The next ingredient is hydrogenated vegetable oil. That's how they make it shelf stable, and it makes it rich and creamy. But when you have vegetable oil which is already processed, refined and inflammatory, then it’s hydrogenated which makes it even more inflammatory, even more horrid for your health. And it’s GMO, because it's coming from GMO sources. Bad news.

How can it get worse Bobby? Check out the end of the ingredients list: natural and artificial flavors. And natural flavors are, of course, artificial flavors too. We’re not even looking at one of the flavored versions of the creamer, this is the OG version, yet it still has artificial flavors. That isn’t just this brand either, you’ll see this in all the big market leaders.

The bottom line here is that you want to avoid these kinds of creamers because they’re full of terrible ingredients. Now let’s talk about what to buy instead.

“What's interesting is some of the best coffee creamers actually live in the supplement aisle.”

What To Buy Instead:

What's interesting is some of the best coffee creamers actually live in the supplement aisle.

One great option is Vital Proteins collagen creamer. It’s not only collagen-loaded, but the primary ingredient here is coconut milk. What lives in coconut milk? MCT’s: medium chain triglycerides. They’re great for your energy and great for your brain. It also has a full 10 grams of grass-fed collagen.

There's no BS ingredients here. One important tip: don't get the flavored ones, because the flavored ones always have the dreaded natural flavors. 

If I talk about coconut and collagen together that's great, but let's say you want something different like this, collagen creamer with oat milk?

The oats are organic, there's also avocado oil in here, and the medium chain triglycerides. There's also grass-fed collagen, which is a great way to get the hair, skin, nail and joint support. As you get older, you lose a lot of natural collagen in your body. That being said, FlavCity fans who are slightly older have told me that when they start taking collagen, their joint pain goes away, and when they stop using it, it comes back.

I'm a big believer in collagen: combine that with coconut, combine that with quality oats, and it’s a great way to get creamer for your coffee.

This is one of the best liquid creamers: Laird Superfood Creamer.

This is liquid love! It's paleo creamer, so it's based out of coconut milk. This version is unsweetened but it also has functional mushrooms, which are great for cognition.

This is a really high quality creamer and even if you've got the vanilla one it's sweet with two grams of sugar, but that sugar is coconut, so it's a paleo sweetener. This stuff is dynamite!