Frozen Piña Colada

Author: Bobby Parrish March 6, 2023

This drink mimics the exotic flavors of an authentic Piña Colada, but it’s enhanced with the electrolyte goodness of FlavCity’s Pineapple Coconut Electrolyte Drink Mix. With a refreshing blend of coconut water, coconut milk, and a burst of lime zest, this icy treat will transport you to a tropical paradise with every sip!

Makes 1 serving.

For this recipe you can use

Frozen Piña Colada

prep time5 minutes



  • Add all ingredients (except coconut flakes) to a blender and blend until smooth, scraping sides, as needed. If it’s too thick, add a splash more of coconut milk.
  • Pour into a tall glass and top with lime zest and coconut flakes, and enjoy with a spoon!

Recipe Notes

Macros per serving
221 calories
  • 11 grams of total carbs
      • 2 grams of protein
      • 20 grams of fat
      • 11 grams of net carbs
      Nutrition Facts
      Frozen Pina ColadaAmount Per Serving (1 portion)
      Calories 221
      % Daily Value*
      Fat 20g31%
      Carbohydrates 11g4%
      Fiber 0g0%
      Protein 2g4%
      * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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