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Meet Bobby!

Bobby Parrish is a dynamic force in the culinary world, blending his passion for cooking with a knack for demystifying the grocery shopping experience. A best-selling author with over 13 million social media followers, he's known for his engaging and knowledgeable persona. Bobby champions ingredient transparency, encouraging his community to make educated dietary choices. When he launched the "Bobby Approved" seal, he set a standard for ingredient quality and purity. His personal journey, which exemplifies the impact of informed eating and guides others towards a healthier lifestyle, continues to inspire a global audience with his products, recipes and advice.


Bobby's Picks

Bobby Approved Cookware

Say hello to FlavCity non-toxic cookware. Our high-quality cookware line is crafted for use by all home cooks and was developed from a need for simplicity in our very own kitchens. This line contains items you’ll use on a daily basis, without cluttering your kitchen with the extra pieces you don’t need.