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Bobby Parrish is a best-selling cookbook author and creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity. Bobby is an authority in the kitchen and a grocery shopping expert. His goal is to help people know exactly what they put in their bodies so they can thrive.

When something is "Bobby Approved", you know it's good and good for you. We've sourced the highest quality ingredients available. Our clean labels are not only easy to read, but highlight what many of the ingredients can do for your body!


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Bobby's Picks

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Bobby's Picks

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Bobby Approved Cookware

Say hello to FlavCity non-toxic cookware. Our high-quality cookware line is crafted for use by all home cooks and was developed from a need for simplicity in our very own kitchens. This line contains items you’ll use on a daily basis, without cluttering your kitchen with the extra pieces you don’t need.