Supercharge Immune Duo

Support your immune system in the most powerful way. Grab this duo pack and get both our Daily Defense and Daily Rescue Immunity Teas so you never have to feel unprepared!


Daily Defense

Support your immune system all year long with my shelf-stable Immunity Tea that’s perfect on the go! With best-in-class ingredients like Zinc, Elderberry and Acerola, it's the best way to keep your immune defenses up!

Daily Rescue

When you start to feel a tickle coming on (or when you’re in the heart of cold and flu season), give your immune system some extra support with my shelf-stable original Immunity Tea that’s perfect on the go! Every ingredient is best-in-class with absolutely no fillers or preservatives.

NOTE: Both teas are a 30-day supply and contains 30 scoops of each tea powder

**Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. Please double check the address you are shipping to as we are unable to change it after the order is placed**

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Janice McCarty

Supercharge Immune Duo


Supercharge Immune Duo

Gulshir Khan

Supercharge Immune Duo

Nancy Nguyen

Tried both teas and they were amazing! I drink the elderberry tea in the morning and immunity tea in the evening.

Ramona Cemper

Waiting to try not opening until Christmas 🎄 so please be patient


What beverages can I use to mix my drink?

You can mix in any liquid of your choice, however we recommend using water for the FlavCity Immunity Tea!

Can children have this?

Yes! Our Immunity Tea is safe for children!

Can I drink this hot or cold?

Our Immunity Tea can be consumed hot or cold. However, for best results, we recommend drinking this tea hot!