Tips for a Non-Toxic House!

You often hear me talking about having a non-toxic home and you'd be surprised to hear how many toxins can be lurking in every corner of your house. Toxins can range from skin irritants, allergens to even more severe ones like endocrine disruptors (that can really mess up your hormones).

Below are a couple of easy swaps you can make to work towards a non-toxic home.


Take a look at the ingredients on the bottles of some of your household cleaners. Not only can you not pronounce them, but they are loaded with stuff called parabens, PEGS, fragrances and many more ingredients that can impact your health. Especially when they are in aerosol spray bottles.

If you watch my stories, you'll see I'm a big proponent of Branch Basics. Yes it's non-toxic, just as importantly, it works! All you have to do is read the label. There are just a handful of plant-based ingredients and zero allergens or possible irritants. Something almost unheard of in the household cleanser space.

The way it works is simple. They have one liquid concentrate that when combined with various levels of water, can create every single household cleaner you'll need. One bottle of concentrate is enough to create:

  • 3 Bottles of All-Purpose Cleaner
  • 3 Bottles of Bathroom Cleaner
  • 3 Bottles of their Streak-Free Glass Cleaner
  • 3 Bottles of Hand Soap
  • 64 Loads of Laundry

And they send you the reusable bottles with your Starter Kit. I recommend going for the Premium Starter Kit which includes their Oxygen Boost. It's great for getting stains out and neutralizing odors.

Branch Basics is hooking up the FlavCity family with an exclusive code to get you 15% off. Click here to shop and use code FLAVCITY at checkout!



If you're using any teflon-based pans in your kitchen, you may want to stop that now. It's very easy to swap teflon for ceramic and more importantly, it's 100% non-toxic.

Teflon is made from forever chemicals. Even though they removed some of the controversial ones, there are still other forms left in there. And these types of chemicals never leave your body! If you misuse your pan by scratching it or overheating it, these chemicals can easily leach into the foods you eat every day.

These days, you can easily find ceramic, non-stick pans and sheet trays at stores. But I would highly recommend waiting for the holiday season when the FlavCity Cookware Set goes live. It will include ceramic and tons more!


Independent reports show that drinking tap water in basically every state in our country is a bad idea. The levels of contaminants and heavy metals can be quite staggering. Luckily, it is an easy fix.

If you're looking for a countertop system, I recommend the AquaTru or Berkey system. As you see in my stories, we use a reverse osmosis, an alkaline water system that lives under my sink. If you're using a traditional pitcher-based water system, those really don't do much and highly recommend one of these two other systems.