Stop Eating These “HEALTHY” Foods

My friends, it’s getting harder and harder to shop at the grocery store every day. With  inflation, shrinkflation, and the cruddy ingredients in these products,  who's looking out for us?

What frustrates me the most is when the packaging makes it look healthy and nutrient-dense , but when you flip the package around and read the ingredients, it's the opposite. They're horrible, inflammatory ingredients, and they're making us fat and sick.

I’d like to show you some products you might be buying that look healthy, but are anything but.

Orange Juice:

Orange juice should have one ingredient: oranges. But if you're trying to save calories and sugar, they do make these “low sugar” orange juices. For example, this one claims to have 50 percent  less sugar and 50 percent  less calories. Sounds good right?

No, first read the ingredients or scan it with the Bobby-Approved app, and you see what they’re up to. The first ingredient is filtered water, and then orange juice; so basically it's a watered down OJ.

But what happens when you water down orange juice? It lacks flavor and the texture is watery. So they add several ingredients to try to compensate for that. They’ve added “natural” flavors, Stevia to bulk up the sweetness, and something I've never seen in orange juice; gellan gum. 

Gellan gum an ingredient you might see in almond milk, but in OJ they're adding it because it's so watered down they want to mimic the texture of real orange juice. And, to make it the same color as real OJ they're adding beta-carotene.

But, it’s the same price as regular orange juice. You could easily make your own version at home by buying a Bobby-Approved orange juice of your choice, diluting it with water, and avoid the gellan gum, natural flavors, and all the other junk.

“My friends, when you're in doubt at the grocery store, break out your Bobby-Approved app.”

Vegan Dressing & Spread:

Vegan is healthy right? That's what everyone thinks; plant-based, saving the world, good for the environment, and so on. But 95 percent of the time, products that are marketed as vegan foods are not going to be healthy at all.

Let’s take a look at this vegan dressing and spread. How do they do it? Because traditional mayonnaise has eggs, which are from animals. We can review the ingredients to see how they make this work.

So the first ingredient is canola oil. It's highly inflammatory, highly processed, GMO canola oil. Next, they add GMO cornstarch to make it thick, because it doesn't have the egg. Next, we have sugar, natural flavors, and then something called calcium disodium EDTA. 

That, my friends, is a preservative. Its main job is to mask rancid flavors coming from something like mayonnaise. That's not healthy at all, so put that down.

Fat-Free Sugar-Free Salad Dressing:

Here’s another new product in the wall of salad dressings. Let’s say you pick up this, you're like, “Wow, I want a salad dressing that's fat-free and sugar-free, this girl's skinny, I want to be skinny, too!” Well, how do they do it?

This is why you scan it with the Bobby-Approved app to see what's going on here, because you’ll see ingredients like potassium sorbate and calcium disodium EDTA, which we already know is bad, bad news. 

Xanthan gum to emulsify, because it has no oil, and sucralose as a sweetener. Sucralose, also known as Splenda, is another horrible artificial sweetener that's bad for your gut and for your brain.

My friends, when you're in doubt at the grocery store, break out your Bobby-Approved app. You can scan any barcode in any grocery store, and it tells you if it's Bobby-Approved based on the quality of the ingredients. It'll highlight the cruddy ingredients, tell you why they're bad, and more importantly give you a better recommendation that is Bobby-Approved.

It's literally like having me go shopping with you at the grocery store!